How to get to the Lakes Region of NH

Mileage to the Lakes Region of New Hampshire
Approximate driving mileage to the Lakes Region from:

Albany, NY 175
Baltimore, MD 464
Boston, MA 100
Halifax, NS 652
Hartford, CT 167
Manchester, NH 42
Montreal, PQ 223
Philadelphia, PA 372
Portland, ME 76
Providence, RI 150
Quebec City, PQ 292
Toronto, ON 520

Distances around the Lakes Region
Approximate driving times around the Lakes Region

Wolfeboro to Laconia 45 – 60 min
Meredith to Laconia 20 min
Bristol to Meredith 30 min
New Hampton to Meredith 15 min
Laconia to Holderness 45 – 60 min
Tilton to New Hampton 10 min
Meredith to Moultonborough 20 min
Circle Lake Winnipesaukee 1.5 – 2 hrs

Maps & Directions

The Lakes Region of New Hampshire is easily reached from the following major airports. Contact us at 603-286-8008 and we can assist you in securing ground transport and guide services once you arrive. The Lakes Region also has many smaller airports for private aircraft.

BOS – Logan International Airport

Boston, Massachusetts 800-23-LOGAN

2 hours to Lakes Region, NH

MHT – Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

Manchester, New Hampshire 603-624-6556

1 hour to Lakes Region, NH

PSM – Portsmouth International Airport

Portsmouth, New Hampshire


1 hour to Lakes Region, NH